Such projects are important for our future generation…: Mahaakshay Chakraborty aka Mimoh gets candid about his upcoming web project ‘Revolution – Padhai Ki Ladai’


Mahaakshay Chakraborty aka Mimoh has always had the potential to make it big in the entertainment space. The actor is currently in a happy space of mind as he’s blessed to have a spree of interesting projects across all formats going forward. Not just that, he also completed 15 long years in showbiz and has managed to stay strong through all difficulties and obstacles.

As far as his future projects are concerned, he’s quite many lined up already. To name a few, we can think of Haunted: Ghosts Of The Past, Mission Maajhi, Lanka, Oye Bhootnike & Revolution – Padhai Ki Ladai. The shooting of the project has just begun and it will eventually stream on Amazon miniTv. To talk specifically about Revolution readers, the show is based on the interesting and educative topic of the various scams and ill-practices of teachers in the Edtech industry. Not just that, it also touches the base with the sufferings of various students and their parents who come under the influence of such Edtech giants. Regarding the same, Mahaakshay says,

“The youth is the future of our country. There’s no way that their future can be messed with just because of selfish reasons of certain people who only think of profiteering. Not everything that’s fancy and appealing is always nice and there can be a dark side to it as well that needs awareness. I personally feel that this is a brilliant project to be a part of. Not only is this subject new for the Indian audience, it is also educative in a nice way without being preachy. To add to that, apart from being an actor, I am also a responsible citizen of this country and hence, it is brilliant to be a part of a project as an actor which will guide the youth about what’s right and what’s wrong, something that’s very important for the future of this country. This is one of those projects where you don’t just feel happy because you performed well, but you also feel happy for contributing to a good deed. Such projects are important for our future generation. I am looking forward to the release very soon.”