Shubhangi Atre reacts to the AI version of Angoori!


The advancing fields of robotics and AI are transforming our world, offering a sneak peek into a future where machines effortlessly merge with our surroundings. In line with the growing popularity of the AI trend, a recent episode of &TV’s Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai had the viewers in splits with the AI Avatar of their beloved Angoori Bhabi, essayed by Shubhangi Atre. In the track, Angoori’s lookalike metallic companion is meant to assist her but turns her world upside down, leading to hilarious chaos.


Shubhangi Atre, essaying Angoori Bhabi, shares, “Each week, we strive to bring our audience fresh, captivating, and entertaining content. Our dedicated team of writers and creatives worked tirelessly to infuse humour into the storyline, eliciting laughter from our viewers. In one of our recent episodes, we had an AI-driven plot in line with the current AI trend. In the episode, Angoori turns into a robot. It so happens that Angoori, overwhelmed with tasks, receives an AI robot from Saxena (Saanand Verma). Unaware of its vulnerability to liquids, she unintentionally gives it water, resulting in the malfunctioning robot insulting Vibhuti (Aasif Sheikh) and mistreating Tiwari (Rohitashv Gour), causing chaos and distress. When I learned about the Angoori robot, an AI humanoid character, I humorously questioned if it would be akin to ‘Chitti,’ played by the legendary Rajnikant in the film ‘Robot’ (laughs). It was quite fun shooting that episode, and it was a refreshing change, adding to an exhilarating experience. I commend the show writers for consistently creating unique tracks that challenge us as actors and allow us to do something different. Despite portraying numerous shades of Angoori’s character over the past seven years, playing an AI robot brought unique excitement. While embodying Angoori would have been simpler, portraying a robotic version posed a challenging task. I had to strike a balance, ensuring I didn’t exaggerate movements and appeared as authentic as performing routine household tasks typical of Angoori. The actress adds, “Through this role, I discovered that playing an AI robot entails more than mimicking cold, robotic movements; it also involves eliciting laughter from the audience. As an artist, I can attest that it was a nuanced choreography of code and emotions. Delving into this humanoid role, I realized that, in a way, we are all constrained by our programming, whether it be the algorithms of our DNA or the societal codes shaping us. I received numerous compliments for my robotic dialect and performance, fueling my motivation to take on unconventional roles. Observing the progress of humanity, I genuinely believe that AI transcends mere technology; it provides a glimpse into our future. As algorithms advance and machines learn, AI is poised to reshape our lives. The recent track in our show exemplifies how artificial intelligence is revolutionising our way of life, work, and interaction, offering a compelling preview into the future.”