Mask tv app No. 1 in rating @ Apple App Store

4.8 rating out of 5 Mask tv app shines among all entertainment apps during their first year streaming .
Unmasking entertainment and multiple genres of content like suspense , thriller , horror , drama , comedy, romance you name it and you fetch it on mask tv app.
New talents , fresh ideas , old legends yet refined execution of tales the whirlwind performances of characters played on screen and the streaming experience becomes one level up from the others .
The journey started with mission 70 a hard hitting tale of a spy with a rich legacy of patriotism yet caught crooning with the enemy.
Project angels directed and curated by Mansie Bhatt the young channel Producer who is responsible to choose content and run streaming ; had the first ever semi reality show with real trans women who showcased their beauty and brain beautifully with her project. Then a long list of mask tv originals mussorie house ,bhookh : kahani ek janwar ki, pratha, burhan : hero or villain, Bhalessa, leech and then a big controversy around their project AZAMGARH a terror tale of a brilliant student misled by a terror cleric played by Pankaj Tripathi charged up the whole world of streaming apps and entertainment .
Ragad bhasad and Raktneeti web series woven around politically misconstrued youth loosing up to the path of crime .
Movies of different kind that stream on mask tv app try to be responsible when it comes to nudity and abusive language .so making a difference in hard core competitive world is not very easy that they are trying to handle with grace. After oye jassi oye the young movie enthusiasts were given a chance to shine . Baba a series that revolved around an army officer father and his deceased wife killed by political mafia and a young daughter had musically emerged looked unique.
During world cricket mask tv original LBW made a fantastic entry for cricket and comedy lovers . 300 + movies and loads of web series yet their newest NUKKAD surprises with the fragrance of small town love stories challenged by social norms streaming since 8 the December.A very happy first birthday mask tv app now face the challenges and overcome as shining star forever.