Honoring a Comedy Legend: The Grand Celebration of Raju Srivastava’s Birth Anniversary


The cultural heart of Patna beat in unison as it hosted a grand event to honor the birth anniversary of the late Raju Srivastava, a celebrated figure in the realm of Indian comedy. Organized by Maa Nardevi Production Private Limited, the gathering at the Sri Krishna Science Centre Auditorium was more than just an event; it was a vibrant homage to a man who brought laughter to millions.
The event centered around the Raju Comedy Award Show Season 2, 2023, a platform celebrating both the legacy of Raju Srivastava and the emerging talents in the field of comedy. This annual award show has become a beacon for comedians across the nation, aspiring to reach the heights Raju Srivastava once did.


Gracing the event as the chief guest, famous astrologer Dr. Shripati Tripathi led the tributes, reminiscing about the joy and laughter Raju brought into the lives of many. Renowned actor and director Deep Shreshtha, thanked the organizers for the opportunity to be part of the celebration. He highlighted that the best way to honor Raju Srivastava’s memory is to embrace happiness and laughter in life. Special Thanks to him for inviting me for the event.
The students of MNP Art Academy brought the event to life with their enthralling performances. Their acts not only entertained but also displayed the nurturing of talent in the arts, a testament to Raju Srivastava’s belief in fostering new talents.
A special segment of the program featured the children of Patna Kilkari, who through their play, addressed the grave social issue of dowry. Their performance was not just entertaining but also educational, reflecting on the power of comedy and performance arts to instigate social change.
In keeping with the spirit of celebrating comedic excellence, the event acknowledged the contributions of various artists. Amar Raj Saxena, RJ Shashi, and Sameer Parimal were among those honored with the Comedy Award. A special accolade was bestowed upon sand artist Madhurendra Kumar, highlighting the inclusive nature of the event, celebrating diverse forms of artistry.
The seamless execution and success of the event could be attributed to the tireless efforts of the team from Maa Nardevi Production Private Limited. Directors Neeraj Sinha, Jayanti Sinha, Madanakar Kumar, Satyajit, Santosh Kumar, Alok Kumar Sinha, and Rahul Anand played pivotal roles, ensuring that the celebration was not only a tribute but also a reflection of Raju Srivastava’s spirit and legacy.
The birth anniversary celebration of Raju Srivastava in Patna was more than a commemorative event; it was a gathering that reflected the joy, humor, and vibrancy that Raju himself embodied. It stood as a testament to his enduring legacy in the world of comedy and his lasting impact on the cultural fabric of India. The event not only paid homage to a lost legend but also shone a spotlight on the current and emerging talents in comedy, ensuring that the laughter Raju Srivastava once spread continues to echo through the ages.