Hindutva Anju Bhatt and Chiranjeevi Bhatt

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Hindutva: The voice of Hinduism portraying the origin, reality and beauty of Hindutva through wrapped emotions of love, friendship and student politics, to be released on 9th February on Mask TV
Hindutva written and directed by Karan Razdan unfolds the story of two childhood friends, one being Hindu and the other Muslim. It depicts the the complexities of religious and communal differences occuring between friends when they get into college politics in the name of religion.
It shows the reality of current incidents where the western culture disgraces Hinduism in the name of modernity. It also portrays the dark side of western culture and how it completely transforms the mind of Hindu people to make them one of their kind. It is said that religion makes you compassionate and humble but you should know when it is time for a war and when it’s for peace.
The story of Hindutva revolves around three major characters , Bharat Shastri (played by Aashiesh Sharma), Sapna Gupta (played by Sonarika Bhadoria), Sameer Siddique (played by Ankit Raaj). Bharat Shastri and Sameer Siddique appear as childhood friends but when they grow up, Sameer turns to be a student leader and poses to be a leftist fighting for the assumed discrimination. Bharat is a typical Hindu boy who is enlightened with the knowledge of Vedas and shlokas and contrary to Sameer he believes in peace of all religions showcasing the beauty of Hinduism. Sapna on the other hand loves Sameer and likes his radical ideologies where at the end they both stand against each other, Bharat fighting the student politics for all the right reasons and Sameer fighting due to his assumed discriminatory negative thoughts. Hindutva is a reflection of real incidents played by fictional characters which focuses on the negative impact that these radical and leftist ideologies bring upon our Hindu religion and nation. The presentation and visuals are in sync according to the subject which makes it even more worth watching.
Stating about the direction, Karan Razdan has brialliantly designed each and every scene providing it a proper sequence and life to the characters, especially the character of Bharat Shastri. The direction clearly establishes the motive of the movie which is to show the real side of the radical thoughts of left wing and importance of Hindutva. It inspires us to be aware of such thoughts and protect our values and our culture from such negative threats. It discusses some important topics like love jihad, section 370, terrorism involved in student politics and all those subjects that acts as a mirror to our society or acts as a threat to out Hindu Community and our India.
Discussing about the dialogues and characters, Bhajan Samrat Anup Jalota has done a cameo in the movie but even after his short appearance in the film, he has brilliantly pulled out his character. Our very own Sita Maa from Ramayana, Dipika Chikhlia has played the role of Guru Maa. The male protagonist and the antagonist have beautifully played the positive and negative characters. The female lead Sonarika Bhadoria has done wonders with her performance where she aapears as antagonist for first half of the film and protagonist in the other half. The emotional involvements, communal involvement and religious involvements are put together perfectly to extract a message that Hindutva aspires to give.
The producer of this film are Anju Bhatt and Chiranjeevi Bhatt produced under the banner Tag Productions and Lord Shiva Communications. The Channel Producer of the Mask TV OTT is Mansi Bhatt. It is written and directed by Karan Razdan, lyrics by Shweta Raj and composition of the songs by Ravi Shankar. The voice to the songs have been given by Anup Jalota, Daler Mehdi, Divya Kumar, Master Saleem and Madhu Shree. PR done by Sanjay Bhushan Patiyala.